Why Hemp?

Why Hemp?

For thousands of years Hemp has been prized for its many restorative powers which scientists attribute to the myriad properties of the Cannabis Sativa plant which include vitamins, minerals, protein, terpenes, chlorophyll and flavonoids. As one of the most researched compounds now available in convenient go-anywhere, daily dose powders, liquids, and other delivery systems, Cannabidiol’s effects on neuro-receptors has been found to provide many positive health benefits:

Increased Energy
Sleep Inducement
Reduced Stress

Soothes Sore Joints
Reduces Muscle Inflammation
Enhanced Appetite

As the availability of hemp derived products grows, millions of individuals suffering from pain, anxiety, soreness, insomnia, or just looking for increased energy and vitality and a renewed sense of wellbeing, are finding hemp offers a safe, natural, non-addictive and narcotic-free treatment. Increasingly, hemp extract is being used as an alternative to prescription drugs.

42% of users of hemp derived products now rely on it instead of other medications to treat their conditions.
80% of users found hemp derived products to be “very or extremely effective”
90% of consumers would be likely to buy hemp-only products or buy again
42% of users have stopped using traditional medications and use hemp or cannabis instead


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